About IMT

About IMT

IMT Pharmacy College, established and managed by IMT Pharmacy College Trust, is solely devoted to the growth and development of Pharmacy Education in Orissa State.

The member of the society includes eminent educationists, highly qualified professionals in the field of Medicine, Engineering, Science & Technology and other allied subjects.

As the demand for Quality Technical Institute in Orissa state, IMT ventured into the field of Pharmacy Education in year 1990. It is headed by renounced social worker and physician Dr. Biswanath Rath.

IMT Pharmacy College is located at New Nabakalebara Road , Gopalpur Area of Puri, just 2km distance from Puri Bus Stand & Railway Station.

IMT Pharmacy College campus is being developed with lush green lawns and beautiful landscaping.

Our Mission & Vision

Why Choose Us ?

We are providing the latest technology of the updated version to our students with Training in Govt. Hospitals as well as industries which enriched the level of knowledge of students at IMT.
Good numbers of highly experienced faculties with Doctorate and Master Degrees from reputed Universities. Faculty are often among the first to notice when students are experiencing problems and sometimes those are problems we are not able, nor qualified, to help them with. To find out more about your role in helping students in need, we've provided links to a number of resources the university.
Academic Development offers many services and resources to students in need of academic help:
- peer tutoring
- supplemental instruction
- academic counseling
- walk-in and individual tutoring
- information on:
* Note-taking
* Time-management
* Exam preparation
* Stress management
The Intercultural Communications Center (ICC) offers services and resources to students from other cultural backgrounds to help with:
- developing language skills
- adjusting to the culture of the American classroom
- information on cultural differences that have implications for the classroom “Cultural Variations” www.cmu.edu/teaching/culturalvariations.pdf.

If you are an international faculty member, you may want to take advantage of the ICC to develop and practice your language skills for the classroom context or to better understand the system of higher education in the U.S.

The Global Communication Center (GCC) provides free consulting to help CMU students, faculty, and staff convey their ideas logically, clearly, and effectively in one-on-one sessions, and classroom workshops.


Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program offered for particular courses (usually introductory courses with higher enrollments) in which advanced undergraduate students attend, keep in contact with the professor, and lead weekly sessions for students.